About Us


RWM Education, Inc. was founded in June 2017 by three meditation teachers who have been working and teaching in the New York City area since the 1990s.

Mission Statement

The official purpose of RWM Education, Inc. is: “To promote good health and self-healing for individuals and the community at large by facilitating and providing the teaching of meditation and mindfulness to the general public, with a particular focus on under-served communities.”

That’s a bit of legal jargon to say that we want to share the tools and techniques on offer from the world of meditation to as many people as we can. Some communities are well served with meditation options. Young urban professionals in New York or Los Angeles can Google “Meditation” and get a crazy number of possibilities around them including dedicated meditation studios. Not everyone in the world is as fortunate and RWM Education, Inc. has a mission to try to reach the rest of the population.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter where you live, who you are, or what the circumstances of your life might be; everyone is struggling to some extent with this age-old issue of existence. Life can be hard. Life can also be wonderful. We believe meditation is an amazing tool that helps with the hard parts, and also helps make the best of the wonderful parts. This should be available for all humankind. We want to be part of helping that happen.

Not that we’re saints. We’re really not. And we’re not gurus. But we have been doing this a long time and know a bit about it. Sharing what we know makes us better meditators, which makes us happier. So the truth is we’re doing this out of self-interest although we hope you get something out of it as well.


The meditations and the talks are very inspirational.

Sarah V, New Jersey

I have been trying to develop a strong meditation practice for a few years. Attending your weekly classes has without a doubt helped me develop a daily practice that I’m very happy with.

Jason H, New Jersey

This Experience is mind boggling. Thank you.

Adel S, New Jersey

It has been such a joy to meditate at your classes. My husband and I certainly have learned a lot and live a little healthier.

Nicole J, New Jersey

Thank you very much for everything. I can say you’ve changed my life. Furthermore, I am really happy I’m taking this path in my life.

John J, New Jersey

It has made a huge impact on me and my life.  I learned so much about meditation and it has made my practice more consistent and improved.

Melanie H, New Jersey

Thank you for sharing your gifts and opening up my mind to the power of meditation. The meditation that I have really taken a liking to is the “Loving Kindness” meditation. It is bringing me peace as it is an alternative message to the churning mind that give me angst! I am so grateful!

Cathy K, New Jersey

I am gaining tremendously from the classes. I am amazed at how much my thirty-year practice is deepening under this caring wisdom.

Valerie I, New Jersey