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Been meditating on and off for over thirty years. Been teaching meditation on and off for more than twenty years. Not an expert, not a guru, not a spiritual teacher, definitely still a student. However, I have studied a lot, have made a lot of mistakes, and I think I've worked a few things out. I have got a lot out of meditation and I get a lot out of sharing what I've learned about meditation.

Take a Breath

(Really! Please just go ahead and take a breath). Now, take another breath in through your nose and pay attention to the sensation of the air as it comes in and goes out. (Not so hard, right). This time take a breath through your mouth, and notice the sensation of the air on your lips, in your mouth, maybe it dries your tongue slightly. (Yes, this is going somewhere ... we hope anyway). Now take another breath and notice your body moving – either your chest or belly expanding and contracting. That’s it. That’s meditation. Congratulations. As we’re going to

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I’m not good at meditation

Here we go again. I’m out to dinner and someone I’ve never met before has just found out I teach meditation. “That’s nice,” she says, “I tried that once but couldn’t do it. I was no good at it.” I’ve heard this before. A lot. Part of me is frustrated with this person in front of me, but I know it's not her fault. She doesn’t know I’ve heard this about a hundred times. She doesn’t know that what I’m about to say to her I’ve said about a hundred times before. “I expect you did it perfectly.” I

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This isn’t working

Sometimes when I meditate I can enjoy wonderful experiences of peace, energy, and joy. Sometimes my world feels like it’s slowing down, or I feel myself being able to get behind my busy mind and find a deeper side of my self. This is a place I’d like to inhabit twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. But, to be honest, most of the time meditation is work. It’s the process of doing the practice, getting distracted, and then doing the work. This morning was work. I was meditating and I just couldn’t seem to ‘click-in’ to

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