About Been Meditating For Awhile Now

I've been meditating for awhile now, have a long way to go, but have figured out some useful tips, tricks, and insights. All of which will appear here in various blogs.

Being Sleepy During Meditation

Hi Everyone, I think something that everyone encounters in their meditation practice is getting sleepy during the session. I don't mean just a little tired, but the proverbial heavy eyelids and the feeling that I might topple over and go to sleep right here and now. Sometimes I feel quite wide awake when I start meditating but then part way through the session I start to feel tired and it's difficult not to just go to sleep. So here are some of the things I've found that help in this case: This will become much less common as you get

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Sitting Alert and Comfortable

Hi Everyone, One thing that really helps my meditation is being alert and comfortable while I'm meditating. To do that we do not need to sit on the floor or even sit cross-legged. I guess it's true that if you grew up sitting cross-legged, or just have great knees, then that will work well for you. But lots of us in the West didn't grow up that way. And we may spend many hours at a desk each day or standing up all day long and our legs get tired. So when we meditate we need to find the posture

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Using Different Techniques as Strategy

Hi Everyone, Sometimes I notice it is time for me to go sit down and meditate, and I don't want to. It took awhile for me realize that it isn't meditating that I didn't want to do, but rather the specific technique I was practicing at that time. My practice of that technique was getting a little old. Maybe it is an external focus on a yantra, or a mindfulness body scan, or an internal mantra repetition. Well, perhaps it isn't the technique that is getting old; it is my body or mind that was tired and so I reflected

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Finishing my meditation session

Hi Everyone, One thing I've found about meditation is that the end of a meditation session is much more effective than the beginning. The last 5 minutes are often much quieter and more clear than the first 5 minutes. I've wondered how to get to the last 5 minutes sooner, but it does seem that I do need to do the work and meditate for the entire session.Oh well. So sometimes I try to convince myself that "I've been here long enough, right? so let's trim the end now." But having noticed that that last few minutes is where the

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Why meditation is more important to me now than 30 years ago

Hi Everyone, I started meditating about 35 years ago, and the simple truth is that over that time many things have come and gone in my life, including people, careers, houses, pets, and a whole lot more. And perhaps the most stabilizing thing I have found through all of that is my daily meditation practice. OK, maybe not a daily practice that happens every day, but one that I am always happy to return to and has become more consistent as the years have gone by. I meditate because it makes me feel better. And when I feel better

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