CEEP 2019

On February 22nd 2019 Justyn Comer presented one of the Breakout Sessions titled Meditation – A Dynamic Gateway for New Members.

The talk was approximately divided into three sections:

  1.  An Introduction with the story of how the meditation program came about at St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, NJ and how it works.
  2. How you might go about implementing your own program.
  3. Justyn posed the question with a few different answers as to whether a meditation program could / should be considered Christian.

Following the talk there were several great questions including:

  1. How do you feel about guided meditations?
  2. How has the meditation program affected the church’s standing in the community?
  3. What about using meditation as a spiritual exercise for listening to God?
  4. How did you tailor your messaging for your audience?
  5. Are there any caveats or resources for using meditation to help people with a history of trauma?
  6. Can you comment on how psychology seems to have taken over the role from the church as carer of the soul?
  7. What do you think of “active contemplation” as proposed by people like Richard Rohr?
  8. How can we find out more about this and get help?
  9. How do people sustain their practice after a series of classes?
  10. Should you charge for classes?

Here are videos from the session.

Here are the questions: