There are many different techniques from numerous schools of thought. But to start with … keep it simple:

  • Sit comfortably, but in a way that keeps you alert. You need to focus at least a little in the beginning.
  • Breathe.
  • Notice that you are breathing.
  • When you become aware that you are no longer focused on your breathing – just notice that you are distracted.
  • Then return your attention back to the next breath and start again.
  • Repeat.

When you are beginning, just try this for one, then three, then five, and up to ten minutes.  If you like it you can start trying for longer periods.

Find out a bit more and watch some videos on it HERE.

Our comprehensive twelve week dive into meditation. Intended to give anyone – experienced or not – a deep understanding of what meditation practice consists of, and a broad look across many different techniques and traditions. We look at awareness meditation (sometimes referred to and mindfulness meditation), meditations of the heart, mantra meditation as well as looking at how meditation benefits every aspect of your real life including your relationships, career, athletic performance, health, happiness and more. Taught several times a year since 2016 many participants have come back to do the course over and over because they get so much out of it.

Thanks to the pandemic (there weren’t too many times we said that in 2020) we decided to move the course online and the twelve weekly seminars were broadcast live on YouTube every Wednesday from April.  We then took advantage of the online logistics to broadcast short meditations every morning for the duration of the course.

Everything is still available for free on YouTube, and you can find that version of the course HERE.

In 2018 we recorded the classes that were done in person in New Jersey and converted them into a online version on the platform you can access HERE.

In June and July of 2018 we offered a series of 5 classes where we invited people to join us in an experiment where we focused exclusively on love and compassion meditations.

You can find the recordings of those classes HERE.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and opening up my mind to the power of meditation. The meditation that I have really taken a liking to is the “Loving Kindness” meditation. It is bringing me peace as it is an alternative message to the churning mind that give me angst! I am so grateful!

Cathy K, New Jersey

It has made a huge impact on me and my life.  I learned so much about meditation and it has made my practice more consistent and improved.

Melanie H, New Jersey

This Experience is mind boggling. Thank you.

Adel S, New Jersey

I am gaining tremendously from the classes. I am amazed at how much my thirty-year practice is deepening under this caring wisdom.

Valerie I, New Jersey

The meditations and the talks are very inspirational.

Sarah V, New Jersey

Thank you very much for everything. I can say you’ve changed my life. Furthermore, I am really happy I’m taking this path in my life.

John J, New Jersey

It has been such a joy to meditate at your classes. My husband and I certainly have learned a lot and live a little healthier.

Nicole J, New Jersey

I have been trying to develop a strong meditation practice for a few years. Attending your weekly classes has without a doubt helped me develop a daily practice that I’m very happy with.

Jason H, New Jersey