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If you’ve never meditated before this is the class for you.

For one thing – it’s free.  For another – it’s only 45 minutes.  Most importantly – no matter whether you think you can meditate or not we will have you meditating like a pro in next to no time.  It’s probably a lot easier than you think (mainly because there is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation about meditation), so we will show you what it is, what it isn’t, and how you can definitely do this.

Once you’ve got the basics, feel free to stick around for the 7:30pm session where each week we look at different aspects of meditation in a bit more detail as well as introduce variations on the techniques.

This is an incredibly powerful, and important tool for helping you find some peace, balance, better sleep, improved relationships, clarity, focus, and much more.  So give us 45 minutes and we’ll give you the tool you will be grateful to use for the rest of your life.

Parking can be difficult around the church so please allow enough time to get there and find some. There is a small number of spaces in the church parking lot which is free, but often they are all taken. There are several inexpensive metered parking spots around the church but often they are also full. There is a big parking garage two blocks away on DeHart Street, and a small lot on the corner of Elm St and Franklin St, also about 2 blocks in the other direction.

We try to start very promptly at 6:30pm and finish the introduction by 7:15pm.

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