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Starting April 1st, and running for twelve weeks through to June 17th we are hosting a series titled Introduction to Meditation. Anyone can attend.  There is no cost.

The structure is similar every week:  there will be three or four meditations, with some commentary between them.  The emphasis each week is on the meditation, not on the commentary.

Each class will build on prior classes, however, each class is also intended to stand on its own covering a specific aspect of meditation.  So, please do not feel you have attend all of them.  Jump into as many or as few as you like.

However, if you’ve never meditated before it would probably be helpful to watch Week 1’s class where we go over the basics of how to do it (and that you CAN do it, even if you think you can’t).  You can find that here:


All previous recordings can be found via the series page here:

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