Classic Meditations

Awareness Meditations

Awareness Part 1:  The Breath (3 minutes)

In this introductory meditation we explore the most simple, and yet surprisingly powerful exercise of sitting and placing our attention on our breathing.

Awareness Part 1:  The Breath (10 minutes)

This is a slightly longer version of the classic meditation where we place our attention in the present, by concentrating on our breathing.  Fairly quickly we get distracted, but once we notice this we then gently return our attention back to the next breath and start again.

Awareness Part 1:  The Breath with Counting (10 minutes)

In this variation on the classic breath meditation we add the act of counting the breaths.  This isn’t better or worse than the classic, but for some people this can make it easier to stabilize the attention somewhat.

Awareness Part II:  The Body Scan

In this guided meditation we open our awareness up to our body.  The body is sending hundreds of messages to your brain every second about what it is sensing.  Most of these messages are not urgent or interesting so we ignore them, but we can use these to become more familiar with our present moment awareness.

Awareness Part III:  Open Field / Choiceless Awareness (10 minutes)

This meditation is still about placing our awareness in the present, but instead of holding awareness on a single object like the breath, we open our awareness up to everything that is going on.  That includes our breathing, the sensations of our body, our emotions, any sounds, smells, the temperature of the room and more.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness – Guided (Approximately 20 minutes)

Loving Kindness meditation is a little different from Awareness Meditations.  Here we are training our innate capacity for compassion.

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