Hi Everyone,

Sometimes I notice it is time for me to go sit down and meditate, and I don’t want to. It took awhile for me realize that it isn’t meditating that I didn’t want to do, but rather the specific technique I was practicing at that time. My practice of that technique was getting a little old. Maybe it is an external focus on a yantra, or a mindfulness body scan, or an internal mantra repetition. Well, perhaps it isn’t the technique that is getting old; it is my body or mind that was tired and so I reflected that back to myself. But in any case it is a moment when it is easier to convince myself that I can just meditate later or tomorrow.

One thing I did learn early on was that there are plenty of different meditation techniques, and varying them is both fine and encouraged. Which one I practice on a particular day really depends on how I feel and what is happening in my life. Some techniques are better for increasing focus, some greatly boost my energy, and others help me relax and just plain feel better. And getting the right one at the right time really helps.

So now I sit down to meditate and don’t choose a technique until I get there. I do tend to use a single technique for many days/weeks/months at a time, but I am always open to being aware that it is time to switch. It’s a good and effective strategy.